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6 Handy tips to pack your things while flying

When you are travelling, you want to have a peaceful ride and not burdened with over-weight and over-stuffed luggage. It is but natural to wish all your favorite clothes and rightly paired shoes as part of your travel itinerary. You need planning to decide your wardrobe according to the climate of the place, the purpose of your visit and of course the comfort factor. It is advised to carry outfits that are light and can be washed and dried easily. If you pre-plan out each outfit for each day/event, you will save yourself from over packing.  Once your choices are ready, the next important work is to pack your luggage diligently, in order to keep it light and organised. Here are some professional packing techniques that can make all the difference.

  1. Know Baggage Fee Policy

While some airlines permit travellers to check at least one bag on international flights, most of the U.S. carriers charge heavy for luggage checked on domestic flights. Thereby, it is important to figure out the baggage fee policy of your airline. Also make sure you understand the hand luggage allowance and avoid costly charges at the gate. It is recommended to go through the hand luggage guide too.

  1. Use Plastic Bags to organise

Plastic bags are transparent and the best way to organise your laundry items. Use ziplocks for carrying liquids like shampoos, plastic cubes for accessories, jewelleries and cosmetics. Use plastic wraps for your undergarments, they not only save space but also your time when you are looking for them. The plastic bags can also be used to compartmentalize your luggage. Compression sacks are heavy-duty plastic bags with a one-way valve for squeezing air out. They can be used for packing clothes, to vacuum-seal the bag to get a flatter and smaller package. Keep empty bags handy for soiled clothes, shoes and for any emergency usage.

  1. Become a Roller

Roll your garments, this not only saves space but also keeps it wrinkle-free. Keep the heavier garments at the bottom of your suitcase while the lighter ones can come on top, for example, the shoes can be placed near the wheel, at the base. This will make it easy to roll your luggage. However, when it come to carrying heavy clothes, it is always prudent to wear them on flight instead of packing them like a heavy pullover.

  1. Pack Dual-Purpose Garments

Garments that are two-in-one are best suited for air travel. Trousers that turn into shorts or jacket that turns into a pillow not only save space but are also effective in reducing weight of the luggage.

  1. Pack Gadgets in Ziplock Bags

Organise all of your electronics goods like phone charger, camera charger, adaptors, headphones and cables in ziplock bags. They are easy to bring forward in security check.

  1. Keep Medical kit Handy

It is important to organize your medicine kit so you are prepared for any emergency. The aeroplane kit should have an eye mask, blow-up neck pillow, more earplugs, pillows, basically anything you might need to make yourself comfortable.

A good tip while packing is to stick to basics. Less is more, this is of the simplest but often overlooked packing tips.


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