Hong Kong Airlines Excess Baggage

Hong Kong Airlines Excess Baggage

For all routes operated by Hong Kong Airlines(except Saipan) :

Charge for baggage in excess of the free baggage allowance is calculated per kilogram (2.2 lbs.) on Zone basis as listed below.

Zone 1Hong Kong ,China ,Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia
Cambodia , Malaysia, Philippines
Zone 2Japan, Maldives, Korea
Zone 3Australia, New Zealand
Per KGTo Zone 1To Zone 2To Zone 3
From Zone 1US$101US$201US$301
From Zone 2US$201US$301US$301
From Zone 3US$301US$301 

1 Or equivalent amount in local currency calculated by IATA IROE (follow the corresponding rounding unit requirement.)

Note :
Oversized baggage : USD100/piece for a baggage >158cm/62inches (in total Dimension)
Baggage with excessive size and weight : accumulating charging
No restriction on the number of pieces.

For Saipan route operated by Hong Kong Airlines:

Extra Baggage Charge
Excessive weightUSD 150 for a baggage > 50LB/(23KG) and ≤70LB/(32KG)
OversizedUSD 200 for a baggage > 62IN/(158CM) and ≤80IN/(203CM)
Excessive weight and oversizedUSD 250 for a baggage > 50LB/(23KG) and ≤70LB/(32KG) & > 62IN/(158CM) and ≤80IN/(203CM)
Over piece:USD 300 for a baggage up to 50LB/(23KG) and 62IN/(158CM)
USD 400 for a baggage > 50LB/(23KG) and ≤70LB/(32KG)
USD 500 for a baggage > 50LB/(23KG)  and ≤70LB/(32KG) & > 62IN/(158CM) and ≤80IN/(203CM)

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