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While air travel is one of the most convenient modes of commuting, there are numerous things that all travelers are bound to encounter. Luggage, of course, is one of the most integral parts; individuals traveling, be it for business or leisure, are definitely inclined to travel with luggage a.k.a. baggage. And often the baggage allowance allocated by the airline is insufficient to accommodate all the luggage that one might have brought along or an airline might not even be offering free cabin / checked baggage allowance.

For this segment, the focus will be entirely on the Virgin Atlantic Excess Baggage; travelers who opted to fly with Virgin Atlantic would definitely welcome all the information that they could come across pertaining to the airline, especially knowledge that helps clarify the terms of excess baggage allowance.

Virgin Atlantic Excess Baggage

Travelers should note that the airline offers free checked & cabin baggage allowance to all economy, premium and upper class passengers with the exception of economy light ticket holders.

Ergo, economy light passengers would need to purchase baggage allowance if they need to carry any luggage with them; subsequently, the remaining economy, premium and upper class passengers have the option to purchase baggage allowance should they feel that might require additional baggage allowance.

Virgin Atlantic Excess Baggage Fees

The virgin atlantic excess baggage price is applicable per flight for each passenger; travelers can see the table below detailing the Virgin Atlantic excess baggage fee:

Economy LightEconomy Classic & DelightPremiumUpper Class
1st Bag50 GBP / 75 USDIncludedIncludedIncluded
2nd Bag65 GBP / 100 USD65 GBP / 100 USDIncludedIncluded
3rd Bag140 GBP / 200 USD140 GBP / 200 USD140 GBP / 200 USD140 GBP / 200 USD
4th Bag140 GBP / 200 USD140 GBP / 200 USD140 GBP / 200 USD140 GBP / 200 USD

***Note: On Virgin Atlantic flights from the Uk to South America, Upper Class passengers are given free checked baggage allowance of up to 3 bags.

The aforementioned Virgin Atlantic excess baggage fee chart is applicable to all passengers [adults, young adults, children and seated infants] on all VA flight routes where the passengers are allocated 2 free checked baggage allowance [except Economy Light].

This chart of Virgin Atlantic excess baggage cost is not applicable on the following routes:

  • UK/US – Nigeria
  • UK/US/Canada – India
  • UK/US – Pakistan
  • UK – Australia
  • US – Lebanon, South Africa, Ghana and Senegal 

The Virgin Atlantic excess baggage charges shown above are in USD / GBP and if the flight does not originate from within the USA or the UK they will be converted to other local currency accordingly.

Excess Baggage Charges On Virgin Atlantic For Overweight / Oversized Baggage

As per the Virgin Atlantic Baggage Policy, the maximum weight for each piece of checked baggage for Premium & Economy passengers is 23 kg per bag and for Upper Class passengers is 32 kg per bag.

The total dimensions of each piece of checked baggage, irrespective of ticket / fare class type, must be less than or equal to  208 centimeters / 81 inches [90x75x43 centimeters / 35.5×29.5×16 inches).

In case of oversized / overweight baggage, the charges that would be levied are as follows:

1st Bag65 GBP / 100 USD200 GBP / 300 USD 
2nd Bag65 GBP / 100 USD200 GBP / 300 USD 
3rd Bag65 GBP / 100 USD200 GBP / 300 USD 
4th Bag65 GBP / 100 USD200 GBP / 300 USD 

Buy Excess Baggage Allowance on Virgin Atlantic

Passengers can purchase additional baggage allowance on Virgin Atlantic either during advance check-in on the airline’s website / mobile application or at the airport.

Please keep in mind that excess baggage allowance once purchased is non-transferable and non-refundable.

Also, each passenger can purchase extra allowance for up to 7 bags when buying excess baggage allowance online [website / mobile app] and up to 10 bags when purchasing it at the airport.

Frequently Asked Questions – Virgin Atlantic Excess Baggage Allowance

How much is excess baggage on Virgin Atlantic?

The cost of excess baggage allowance starts at 50 GBP / 75 USD; for a complete breakdown please refer to the table shown above.

How to purchase Virgin Atlantic excess baggage allowance?

Additional baggage allowance can be bought online [Virgin Atlantic website / mobile app] and at the airport.


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