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Air India, established in 1932, proudly represents the spirit of India through its exceptional airline services. As the flagship carrier of the nation, the airline has its headquarters located in New Delhi. With a vast network, it connects passengers to over 100 destinations worldwide. Its commitment to customer satisfaction shines through its comprehensive range of services and world-class facilities. From comfortable seating to delectable in-flight meals, the airline ensures a memorable journey for its passengers. With its hub at Indira Gandhi International Airport, the airline operates domestic and international flights. It serves as a vital bridge between India and the rest of the world. Experience the warmth of Indian hospitality and seamless travel. Whether you’re flying for business or pleasure, it is your trusted companion in the skies. It promises unparalleled service and an unforgettable travel experience.

Queries Handled By Air India Customer Care

The customer care of this airline handles a wide range of queries and concerns, including but not limited to:

  • Flight reservations and bookings.
  • Flight schedule inquiries and updates.
  • Baggage allowances, restrictions, and lost baggage claims.
  • Check-in procedures and online/mobile check-in assistance.
  • Seat selection and upgrades.
  • Special assistance for passengers with disabilities or medical conditions.
  • In-flight services such as meals, entertainment, and Wi-Fi.
  • Flight cancellations, delays, and rebooking options.
  • Refunds, compensation, and travel insurance inquiries.
  • Visa and travel document requirements.
  • Loyalty programs and frequent flyer inquiries.
  • Complaints, feedback, and suggestions for improvement.

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In conclusion, Air India offices serve as vital hubs of support and assistance for travellers across the globe. The airline ensures accessibility and convenience for passengers seeking information, reservations, and resolving any travel-related concerns. Its dedicated and knowledgeable staff at these offices strive to provide exceptional customer service, catering to the diverse needs of travellers. Its offices stand as pillars of assistance. It ensures a seamless and enjoyable travel experience for passengers, & reaffirms the airline’s commitment to customer satisfaction.


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