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All persons used to air travel have developed a muscle memory, for the whole nine-yards; just as the airplanes are given a tail-to-tip pre-flight check, all individuals / groups of people go through a preflight “to-do list” to ensure that everything from arrival at the airport to the boarding of intended flight is a time efficient course and will bare minimal emotional carnage. Check-in, carry-on baggage and checked baggage are probably 3 of 5 foremost worries; this page will bear details imperative for all travelers to use for reverence, all information shared here is centric to Etihad Airways Checked Baggage Allowance. An amalgamation of numbers and words which are crucial to passengers of Etihad; this segment will offer details that cover the parameters set for check-in luggage by the airline.

Etihad Check In Baggage

As per the Etihad Airlines Baggage Policy, free baggage allowance for domestic and international flights would differ subject to the ticket class / fare type and the destination / route. Any passenger’s check in baggage that exceeds the stipulated weight / dimension of check in baggage would have to pay excess baggage fee / extra baggage charges wherever deemed necessary.

Etihad Free Baggage Allowance

All travelers flying with Etihad Airways are subject to baggage allowance policies preset by the airline; carry-on / cabin baggage and checked Etihad Airways baggage allowance are conditional on the ticket fare / class type and the route / destination of the flight. 

Etihad Carry-on / Cabin Baggage Allowance

All passengers are permitted 1 personal item, however the cabin / carry-on luggage allowance varies depending on the ticket issued to the travelers – whether the ticket belongs to an economy, business or first class fare type.

As per the Etihad Airways Baggage Policy, passengers must ensure that their personal item and cabin / hand baggage must be in accordance to the preset parameters;

  • Personal Item: The personal item that a passenger chooses to bring with them must not exceed Linear Dimensions(L+W+H) of 81 centimeters.
  • Cabin / hand / carry-on Baggage: Each cabin luggage of every Etihad passenger must not exceed Linear Dimensions(L+W+H) of 115 centimeters and the weight must not go over 12 kg. 

***: Travelers / passengers can check the precise free carry-on / hand baggage allowance on Etihad with the help of the baggage allowance calculator available on the Etihad Airways website.

Etihad Checked Baggage Allowance

While the exact checked baggage allowance can be known with the help of the baggage allowance calculator present on the Etihad website, all travelers must note that as per the airline policies, every piece of baggage checked-in for a flight must not exceed linear dimensions of 207 centimeters.

Etihad Airways Extra Baggage

On Etihad Airways extra / excess baggage allowance can be purchased additionally in cases where the free baggage allowance is insufficient or probably the fare type does not have any extra baggage allowance, at a nominal fee. On Etihad Airways extra baggage allowance can be bought on all official online and offline channels of the airline. Passengers must also know that the amounts mentioned below are applicable to all baggage that exceed the preset carry-on & cabin baggage allowance stipulated by the Etihad Airways Baggage Policy.

Cost of Excess Baggage on Etihad are as follows: 

From / To USA & Canada:

From / ToCost Per Bag Up To 23 KG
Rest Of Asia$300
From / ToCost Per Bag Up To 32 KG
Rest Of Asia$360

Cost Per Kilogram On All Other Routes

From / ToME / GCCAsiaAfricaEuropeSWPISC
ME / GCC$24$36*$36$36$48$24

*: Middle East to Japan: $48, Middle East to Korea: $48, UAE to Philippines: $30, UAE to Japan: $40

  • GCC: Bahrain, Kuwait, Israel, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, UAE
  • Middle East: Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Sudan
  • Asia: China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand
  • Africa: Kenya, Morocco Seychelles, South Africa and all African offline points
  • Europe: Belgium, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Russia, Spain, Switzerland, Turkey, UK and all European offline points
  • SWP: Australia and offline points in South West Pacific
  • ISC: India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Maldives, Sri Lanka and offline points in Indian Subcontinent

Etihad Ticket / Fare Class Types

Persons who wish to book tickets for an Etihad Airways flight, must note that the airline provides the following fare types for all travelers; the fare / ticket class type determines the terms and conditions applicable along with the allotted free cabin baggage allowance / checked baggage allowance on Etihad:

  • Economy
    • Hand Baggage Only
    • Value
    • Choice
    • Choice Plus
    • Guest Seat
  • Business 
    • Value
    • Choice
    • Choice Plus
    • Guest Seat
  • First
    • First
    • Guest Seat

*NOTE: Hand Baggage Only is a fare type where passengers are only permitted carry-on / cabin baggage; checked baggage allowance would have to be purchased additionally.

JourneyEtihad Airways baggage allowance for Economy ClassEtihad Airways baggage allowance for Business classEtihad Airways baggage allowance for First class
To /  from US, Canada, South America (Brazil excluded) and Bermuda2 bags, up to 23kg each2 bags, up to 32kg each2 bags, up to 32 kg each
To / from Brazil2 bags, up to 32kg each2 bags, up to 32kg each2 bags, up to 32kg each
To / from Africa[ excludes Seychelles (which fall into the general policy]2 bags, up to 23kg each2 bags, up to 32kg each2 bags, up to 32 kg each
From the UK to IndiaPakistan or Bangladesh2 bags, up to 23kg each2 bags, up to 32kg each2 bags, up to 32 kg each
From India, Pakistan or Bangladesh to the UK2 bags, up to 23kg each2 bags, up to 32kg each2 bags, up to 32 kg each
From the  UAE, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar or Saudi Arabia to Indonesia or the Philippines2 bags, up to 23kg each2 bags, up to 32kg each2 bags, up to 32 kg each
From Indonesia or the Philippines to UAEBahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar or Saudi Arabia2 bags, up to 23kg each2 bags, up to 32kg each2 bags, up to 32 kg each
From the UAE, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar or Saudi Arabia to India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Sri Lanka or Nepal30 kg40 kg50 kg
From India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Sri Lanka or Nepal to the UAEBahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, or Saudi Arabia30 kg40 kg50 kg

Baggage Dimension for Checked Baggage in Etihad Airways

To / from Brazil, Canada and the US: 158cm (50x70x38)

To / from all other destinations: 207cm (45x72x90)

For all other destinations

  • Economy Deals and Economy Saver Fare Choices: 1 bag, up to 23kg
  • Economy Classic and Economy Flex Fare Choices: 2 bags, up to 23kg each
  • Business Class: 2 bags, up to 32kg each
  • First Class: 2 bags, up to 32kg each

Journeys on the Residence in Etihad Airways

Each guest is entitled to 4 pieces, up to 32kg each

Infants Baggage Allowance in Etihad Airways

To / from weight concept markets: journeys between the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) and the Indian Subcontinent (ISC)

  • 1 bag, up to 10kg

To / from piece concept markets: all other journeys

  • 1 bag, up to 23kg

Frequently Asked Questions – (FAQs)

What is the Etihad international baggage allowance?

Travelers can check the precise baggage allowance for all flights, international and domestic, with the help of the baggage allowance calculator which is accessible on the Etihad Airways website.

How to buy Etihad excess baggage allowance?

Passengers who need to buy extra baggage allowance on Etihad can do so via the Etihad website and Etihad mobile app; alternatively, passengers can also buy excess baggage allowance at the official Etihad Airways office / ticketing office / sales office / airport office.

Where to read the Etihad Airways baggage allowance policy?

Persons who wish to read the completed rules and regulation stated in the Etihad Airways Baggage Policy can refer to the Etihad Airlines website and Etihad Airlines mobile app or contact an official Etihad Airways Office.


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