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Traveling with Cebu Pacific additional baggage involves understanding their baggage regulations, a crucial aspect for a smooth and hassle-free journey from start to finish.

Cebu Pacific, also known as Cebu Air, is a prominent low-cost airline hailing from the Philippines, offering a wide network of scheduled flights spanning domestic and international routes. The airline connects travelers to more than 60 destinations across 14 countries, including popular locations like Australia, China, Japan, Singapore, and the United Arab Emirates.

How To Add Excess Baggage Cebu Pacific

All passengers are permitted 1 carry-on / cabin baggage on Cebu Pacific at zero cost, conditional to Cebu Pacific Baggage Policy; checked baggage allowance needs to be booked and paid for in advance as Cebu Pacific Baggage add on via the “Manage Booking” section or can be bought at the airport at the time of departure.

Travelers looking for inexpensive baggage fees should strongly consider the opportunity of availing CEB prepaid baggage via the Cebu Pacific website or the Cebu Pacific mobile application at the time of booking a Cebu Pacific flight ticket; the fees intimated online at the time of booking ticket is considerably lesser than the fee payable for excess baggage at the Cebu Pacific airport counter.

Cebu Pacific Baggage Price 2023

When preparing for your Cebu Pacific voyage, one of the key concerns for travelers is the baggage allowance. Fortunately, Cebu Pacific provides clear guidelines regarding their baggage policies.

Cebu Pacific Carry-On Baggage

Each passenger is allowed one piece of carry-on baggage with a maximum weight of 7 kilograms and dimensions not exceeding 56cm x 36cm x 23cm. This allowance covers various items, such as cabin bags and backpacks. It’s important to ensure that your carry-on baggage fits in the overhead bin, and you must handle its placement yourself. There are some exceptions to this rule:

  • Parents or guardians traveling with children can bring an extra bag.
  • Passengers with medical requirements, like walking aids or wheelchairs, are permitted to bring these items.
  • Items purchased at the airport can be carried, provided you show proof of purchase.
  • Unsuitable check-in items, such as certain gadgets or food items, are allowed.
  • A small bag that fits under the seat is acceptable.

The total limit for carry-on baggage, including exceptions, is two pieces with a combined weight of 7 kilograms or less. Exceeding this limit may result in a Gate Baggage Fee.

Cebu Pacific Fee for Excess Baggage

Another major concern that worries travelers is to know how much is excess baggage in Cebu Pacific cost; as per the terms defined by Cebu Pacific Baggage Policy, Cebu Pacific baggage excess fee / rate are statutory as follows:

  • Cebu Pacific Excess Baggage Domestic Flights
    • Cebu Pacific website / Cebu Pacific mobile app: the prices vary with respect to the route; for the Cebu Pacific rate for excess baggage via the airline’s website / mobile app travelers can only check at the time of adding excess baggage allowance to their booking.
    • At the airport: Persons traveling on a Cebu Pacific domestic flight would be required to pay ₱1,500 (approx $28 USD) [VAT not included] for each piece of baggage.
  • Cebu Pacific Excess Baggage International Flights
    • Cebu Pacific website / Cebu Pacific mobile app: the prices differ with respect to the route; for the Cebu Pacific fee for excess baggage via the airline’s website / mobile app travelers can only check at the time of adding excess baggage allowance to their booking.
    • At the airport: For short haul international flights of Cebu Pacific an amount of  ₱3,000 (approx $55 USD) is payable and for long haul flights of Cebu Pacific ₱5,000 (approx $90 USD)

Cebu Pacific Checked Baggage

Proper packing is essential for checked baggage to ensure a smooth travel experience. Loose packing may lead to additional handling and tagging at the airport, which can risk damage or loss during transit. Key guidelines for checked baggage include:

  • Passengers who choose the 20kg or 32kg CEB Prepaid Baggage option can have one piece of checked baggage per purchase, with a maximum of two pieces with a combined weight of 64kg.
  • CEB Prepaid Baggage can be purchased during booking or managed through the booking portal up to two hours before departure.
  • Passengers without prepaid baggage can have one piece of Airport Baggage up to one hour before departure.
  • Each checked baggage piece should not exceed 32kg and should not contain fragile or valuable items.
  • Excess baggage in terms of pieces, weight, or size is subject to applicable Extra Bag Fee, Excess Baggage Fee, and Oversized Baggage Fee.
  • Baby strollers and walking canes can be checked in for free if required by a passenger in the traveling party.
  • Checked baggage must not contain prohibited items.

Cebu Pacific offers Baggage Protect, an insurance rider, covering baggage loss and damage for passengers departing from certain countries.

Cebu Pacific Oversized Baggage

Fees for oversized baggage apply when a bag exceeds the approved dimensions on any side. The limit for oversized baggage is 39 inches on any side.

Cebu Pacific Extra Baggage Allowance

The Cebu Pacific rate for excess baggage is payable if a traveler has exceeded the limit of the CEB prepaid checked baggage allowance; 

  • The Cebu Pacific excess baggage rate for domestic flights ₱350 (approx $6.50 USD) per kilogram, charged per flight, per passenger; this is payable at the time of check-in.
  • The Cebu Pacific excess baggage rate for international flights would differ depending on the destination.

Any piece of luggage exceeding in size, piece, and weight (considered Cebu Pacific Extra Baggage) are subject to the existing Oversized Baggage Fee, Extra Bag Fee, and Excess Baggage Fee, respectively. 

As of February 1, 2020, any item of luggage exceeding 39 inches on any one side is considered as oversized baggage and the Cebu Pacific charge for excess baggage is as follows:

  • Domestic Flights – ₱800 (approximately $14.40 USD) per oversized baggage; this is payable at the time of check-in.
  • International Flights – ₱1300 (approximately $24 USD) per oversized baggage; this is payable at the time of check-in.

Special Baggage Allowances

Cebu Pacific allows travelers to check in larger items such as sports equipment, surfboards, musical instruments, and oversized bags for a fee.

  • Sports equipment can be transported as checked baggage and includes items like scuba gear, bowling balls, fishing equipment, golf clubs, and bicycles.
  • Surfboards are accepted, with specific size restrictions.
  • Musical instruments and religious items are allowed in the cabin if they meet size and weight restrictions.

Firearms and Restricted Items

Firearms, ammunition, and other weapons can be transported as checked baggage for domestic flights, subject to a fee and provided the passenger has the necessary permits. Cebu Pacific also maintains a list of restricted items to ensure passenger safety during security checks.

It’s important to be aware of these regulations and pack accordingly to avoid extra charges or inconvenience during your Cebu Pacific journey.

Understanding Cebu Pacific’s baggage regulations is crucial for a seamless and hassle-free travel experience. Whether you’re carrying carry-on items, checked baggage, excess luggage, oversized items, or special items like sports equipment or musical instruments, adhering to the airline’s guidelines is essential to avoid extra charges and ensure a smooth journey. Cebu Pacific’s comprehensive baggage policies provide travelers with clarity and peace of mind, allowing them to focus on enjoying their trip.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – Cebu Pacific Additional Baggage

How to add excess baggage in Cebu Pacific?

Passengers flying with Cebu Pacific can add baggage allowance via the “Manage Booking” section on the airline’s website and mobile app or at the Cebu Pacific airport counter.

How much is per kilo excess baggage in Cebu Pacific?

The per kilo charge for excess baggage is ₱350 (approx $6.50 USD) on Cebu Pacific domestic flights, but the per kilo charge for excess baggage on Cebu Pacific international flights differs as per the route.

What is the Cebu Pacific excess baggage rate?

Excess Baggage rates differ for domestic destinations and international destinations. Contact the Cebu Pacific office for details.


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