Turkish Airlines Excess Baggage Allowance

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There is no free Turkish Airlines excess baggage allowance; but, excess baggage is not a matter of worry for persons planning to fly with the airline and / or passengers preparing for an upcoming flight. The airline offers arrangements to accommodate all travelers’ excess baggage allowance requirements, for a nominal fee.

Turkish Airlines Excess Baggage Cost

Turkish Airlines passengers preparing for an upcoming flight with the airline can use the calculator provided on the airline’s website to check the approximate excess baggage fee that would be payable for it.

The excess baggage rates differ on the basis of ticket / fare class type and the destination.

Purchase Turkish Airlines Excess Baggage Allowance

Persons seeking to purchase excess baggage allowance can do so through one of the many Turkish Airlines online channels or at a Turkish Airlines Office / Turkish Airlines sales office / Turkish Airlines ticketing office / Turkish Airlines airport office.

Turkish Airlines Excess Baggage Allowance – Terms & Conditions

  • Sports equipment(s) and / or musical instrument(s) will not be considered as “excess baggage”, instead they will be regarded as “special baggage” and a different set of rules / regulations are applicable.
  • Excess Baggage Allowance sales are subject to availability.
  • Excess baggage allowance cannot be bought for infants.
  • Turkish Airlines baggage allowance can be bought from 355 days prior to flight until 60 minutes hours remaining for domestic flight and until 75 minutes hours remaining for international flight.
  • Piece / Weight Concept Limits
    • On routes with Weight concept –  In Turkish Airlines Business Class / Turkish Airlines Economy Class, each piece of baggage cannot weigh more than 32 kg.
    • On routes with Piece concept –  In Turkish Airlines Business Class / Turkish Airlines Economy Class, each piece of baggage cannot weigh more than 23 kg. $80.00 USD is charged for every piece of baggage weighing 23 to 32 kg.
  • Persons / passengers can buy a minimum of 3 kg up to a maximum of 230 kg / 1 piece up to a maximum 10 pieces of excess baggage allowance at one time from any of the airline’s online portals.

Domestic flights (From / To Turkish airports) Excess Baggage allowance in Turkish Airlines

Free Baggage Allowance (kg)Baggage Charge Per Kilogramme (Turkish Lira TL)
Travel classAdult/ChildInfantTL per KG

*Departing from and arriving at Turkish airports.

Connecting Flights are applied per kg in 8TL.

Turkish Airlines Excess Baggage charges for Flights To and From

Armed forces personnel, students – 2 TL/kg

Adults, children and infants – 6 TL/kg

Frequently Asked Questions – (FAQs)

How much is excess baggage on Turkish Airlines?

Persons / passengers can calculate the approximate payable Turkish Airlines excess baggage fee by using the “Excess Baggage Calculator” available on the Turkish Airline website.

What are the charges for excess baggage on Turkish Airlines?

A passenger’s ticket / fare class type and their destination determine the Turkish Airlines excess baggage rates.

Can Turkish Airlines excess baggage fee be paid with Miles?

Yes! Miles&Smiles members can redeem miles to pay for Turkish Airlines excess baggage fee.


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  • My recent journey with Turkish Airlines involved exceeding my baggage allowance, and I must say the experience was surprisingly positive. The process of handling excess baggage was smooth, and the staff at the check-in counter were helpful and efficient. Turkish Airlines’ reasonable excess baggage fees and the overall ease of the process made a significant difference. A great airline for those who occasionally need a little extra luggage space

  • What is Turkish Airlines’ excess baggage policy, and how much does it cost to transfer additional luggage beyond the authorised weight limit on their flights?”


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