Japan Airlines Checked Baggage

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Carry-on items up to a total of 20 kilograms.
(There is no limit to the number of bags that may be checked in.)* First Class passengers may carry on items up to a total of 45 kilograms, with a limit of 32 kilograms for any one item.
There is no charge for checking such items.
If the total of carry-on items exceeds 20 kilograms* For First Class, if the total of carry-on items exceeds 45 kilograms* For JAL (SF3 aircraft), RAC and JAC flights, up to a total of 45 kilograms with a limit of 32 kilograms for any one itemBaggage up to 100 kilograms per passenger may be checked in for an excess baggage fee.
(No one item may exceed 32 kilograms.)
The charge per kilogram is 400 yen (excluding certain short-distance portions).

For more details visit : https://www.jal.com//english/Baggage/Baggage-Information

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Japan Airlines Excess Baggage


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