Nepal Airlines Checked Baggage

Nepal Airlines Checked Baggage

  •  For traveling to USA/CANADA without journey break (Through checking) 2 pieces baggage not exceeding 23 kg per piece will be allowed. However maximum weight of baggage should not exceed 32 kg per piece. The weight in excess of 23kgs and up to 32 kg will be chargeable at existing excess baggage rate.
  • The maximum limit of baggage weight in all flights is limited to 32 kg per piece. However excess weight other than shown on Free Baggage’s Allowance will be chargeable at the existing excess baggage rate.
  • Economy Class:  Baggage allowance of 30 Kilograms on all destinations except for HongKong sector which is 25 Kg, 25 kg in “M”, “N”, “O” class and 20 kg in all class “T”, “S”, “L”, “V”, “B”, “R”, “W” for Delhi, Bangaluru and Mumbai.
  • Business Class:  40 kilogram baggage allowance in all sectors and 30 kg for Delhi, Bengaluru and Mumbai sectors.

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Nepal Airlines  Excess Baggage

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